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Divača Karst Nature Trail


A very attractive trail, running along the edge of Divača, shows visitors the most typical natural wealth of the Karst. You can start the trail at different points, around the Risnik collapse doline that emerged after the ceiling of a former underground cave hall collapsed, and continue to the Divača Cave. You will enjoy the diverse and very colourful vegetation and singing of many bird species, maybe even meet a wild animal. The trail comes with many information boards and signposts, presenting karst phenomena, tree species and other peculiarities of this beautiful forest.

Sights along the way

  • Risnik collapse doline
  • Divača Cave
  • natural wealth of the Karst


  • Razvojni center Divača

Route information

Length: 4,8km

Duration: 2-3h

Difficulty: Easy

Worth seeing