Divaški prag

Ruj Water from the Dinaric massif of Snežnik gathers in the Reka River, which below the Brkini ridge breaks out towards the Adriatic Sea. On its route it encounters the limestone plateau of the Karst, and Divaški prag – the Divača Threshold – as its easternmost fringe is known.

voda Over the millennia the river has carved a channel into the interior of the plateau, creating the exceptional wealth of karstic phenomena, both on the surface and in the mysterious subterranean world below. The shelter of caves, favourable living conditions and its transitional location drew people to settle here amidst these wondrous surroundings.

Dane At Divaški prag, the hilly margin of the Karst plateau, the visitor can tour Divača as well as a number of tiny Karst villages with their stone houses huddled close to one another, protecting the Karst people from the bora wind. Some villages are included in the regional park, others are on its periphery, but none of them lacks the attractive stone entrances to the homes, the beautifully wrought wells and other fine work of the Karst stonemasons.

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