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The Risnik collapse doline


The picturesque collapse doline, located slightly less than 500 m south of the Divača Railway Station, emerged after the ceiling of a former underground cave hall collapsed. Its shaping is connected with the former underground stream of the Reka River that changed direction and today flows much deeper beneath the surface. The average diameter of the collapse doline is 220 m and the average depth 220 metres. Its bottom is quite flat, yet scree slopes start rising at the edge and transform into steep precipitous walls. The rocky rim is only interrupted in one place where you can descend to the bottom of the collapse doline down a scree slope. The precipitous rock walls give shelter to many birds and specific vegetation grows in the doline due to the temperature inversion. An interesting hiking trail encircles the collapse doline, namely the Divača Karst Nature Trail, which presents the most typical characteristics of this natural area. This trail is also perfect for a walk to the Divača Cave, where you can go on exploring underground karst phenomena.

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