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Vremščica, a mountain ridge rising to 1,027 m, is one of three peaks on the Karst plateau that exceed 1,000 m, yet this one is completely different. The peak is accessible from several directions, with the most popular being the Magajna Trail that starts in the Vreme Valley. Vremščica enthrals hikers with its vast and relatively gently-sloping meadows that are in bloom in summer and give pasture to many flocks of sheep. The peak gives amazing views of all four points of the compass – the Adriatic Sea, the Dolomites and the Julian Alps, as well as Brkini and Čičarija. Hikers may rest a while near the renovated St. Urban Church and return to the starting point, across the meadows that are a treasure chest of karst biodiversity. Vremščica also features the Infrastructural Centre for Sustainable Recultivation, an educational and research centre of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana famous for the organic production of sheep milk and cheese. You can also buy the famous Vremščica cheese here.

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