Brkini slivovec - the local fruit brandy

A true speciality is Brkini slivovec, a local fruit brandy of excellent flavour and aroma, which is distilled in specially designed copper “Brkini cauldrons” with a lid for water.

For the production of Brkini slivovec, you need a special boiler from brkini, which has a 150-year tradition and is the most widely used in the area between Snežnik, Slavnik and Vremščica. Brkinski boiler is similar to a conventional boiler, the difference is in the cap or dephlegmator, which is in Brkini boiler cooled with water. Copper cap has two chambers, in the internal or condensation chamber condense vapors are gahered and flowing out of the gutter caps. The outer container is essentially a reservoir for cooling water, which cools the condensing chamber. The advantage of Brkini boiler is better condensation of aromatic compounds such as alcohol. This boiler gives better utilization of the alcohol and the aromatic compounds.

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