The village Barka

The best-known and one of the oldest villages in the Divača part of Brkini is Barka, which lies on a broad side ridge above the Vreme Valley.


In the past, local crafts were well developed, the oldest of which was spinning wool and linen yarn. The village was also famous for its blacksmiths, cobblers, tailors, carters and carpenters.

Among the locals circulated quite a few stories about the origin of the name Barka. According to one interpretation, it´s called Barka because it is here, where Noe stopped with his boat. On the other interpretation its name is derived from the times when there was no bridge across the River. Once there were no roads developed and settlers of Barka did not have their own church, so they had to go to Mass in other village nearby, called Vreme . When they came to the river, People of Barka were unable to cross because there was no bridge, which is why they made the boat, which was used for transport to the other side of the river. Residents of Vreme saw them and began to shout: Behold, Barčani(boatman) are coming. Thus, they became known as Barčani(boatman), their village became known as Barka(boat).

Some of the homes here still preserve old objects and machines testifying to the former way of life, a feature of which is the open fireplace.

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