Villages in the Škocjan caves regional park

The most prominent position, high above the Reka sinkhole, belongs to the village of Škocjan, with its famous church of St. Kancijan (Canziano). Close by there are also the villages of Betanja and Matavun, the location of the park reception centre.



In the village you can find Information Centre of Škocjanske Regional Park caves.


Škocjan is a nucleated village, situated on a hill, surrounded by cliffs, with the two sides. The church of St. Kancijan, after which the cave was named, has an exceptional panorama. Škocjan has been inhabited since the prehistoric period and undoubtedly in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The village today is tightly build, leading to a central square with communal well, the rectory and the old school, which is the seat of the Škocjan Tourist Association.


Nucleated village, which lies in the leeward position on a terrace at the edge of small valley just below the Škocjan, composed of all five homesteads: Šimcovi, Strmolinovi, Kuntovi, Betancovi and Kaščakovi. Mostly there are charateristic houses, with stone walls, a fountain (štirno) in the middle of the yard. Gable roofs, mostly covered with tiles. Facilities are traditionaly designed: many stone door and window openings are surrounded by stone frames called jerte, wooden windows have wooden shutters (Škure) and iron crosses.

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