Risnik sinkhole

The imposing Risnik sinkhole, which was created through the collapse of the ceiling over a former subterranean cavern. The sheer walls provide shelter for numerous birds, and there is some fascinating flora, not just in the sinkhole, but along the entire trail.

Some 500 meters south of the railway station in Divača, views offers a picturesque hollow valley Risnik, which was formed by collapsed ceiling of the cave halls. The circumference of the precipices has irregular shape with an average diameter of 220m, the average depth is 72m precipices. The bottom of the precipices is quite leveled against the periphery of the rising scree to 34 meters above the bottom, at an altitude of 400m, passes in 30-40 feet high precipitous cliffs. Rock circumference is interrupted in only one place where you can descend to the bottom of precipices. The formation of the valley is connected with the course of the underground rivers, which flow has changed and now runs close to the precipices, but much deeper.In the cliffs many birds find shelter, there is also interesting flora, not only in the valley, but in the entire karstological science learning path that runs around the precipices. On the walls of Risnik, there is also climbing availible.



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