The Škocjan caves

Škocjanske jame occupy a special place among the more than 7,000 caves in Slovenia, owing to the size of their chambers and the underground gorge. They comprise a network of 11 caves, sinkholes, swallow holes and natural bridges. The exceptionally ramified system of galleries is almost 6 km long.


paradož popravljenThe beauty of the caves is enhanced by multi-coloured stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes, including curtains and exquisite rimstone pools.

And they are distinguished especially by the subterranean gorge of the Reka River. In summer and winter the tranquil water reflects fascinating cave images, which never cease to surprise the visitor.

In spring and autumn the thundering river shows its might, noisily drawing attention to its latent capacity to shape the subterranean realm.

Cave tours: Škocjanske jame park information centre, tel.: +386 (0)5 708 21 10
Tours led by experienced guides take an hour and a half.

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