Wonderful slopes of Vremščica

Sunning itself on the bright slopes of the extended backbone of Vremščica is a range of flora decked in every possible colour, and amongst this can be found some unusual examples of Karst fauna. Such is a short-winged meadow insect (Dimorphocoris Saulii) that cannot be found anywhere else but in the meadows of Vremščica. The northern side is covered in thick beech forests.


31The fact that this is home territory for the bora (burja), the cold, gusting north wind, which gets whipped up owing to the difference in air pressure over the continent and the sea, and can reach speeds of 200 km/h and more, needs no special indication, since the wind-shaped tree crowns testify to its power.

Vremščica, long mountain ridge with a 1027 meter high peak, watching over Vreme valley and it gives her shelter. Locals briefly call it Gora-Gura. For residents of the Vreme valley, Vremščica had great importance in the past, due to grazing, hay and woods, as the eastern part of Gore is vastly covered with forest.

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