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Djestence forest interpretive trail

Through the wooded surroundings leading out of Senožeče extends the three kilometre-long Djestence forest interpretive trail. Here you can familiarise yourself with tree varieties and with the importance of the forests for the local people, who would sell charcoal and firewood in Trieste.


Škocjan interpretive trail

The park also features the two-kilometre long Škocjan interpretive trail. With the help of the numerous explanatory boards, information leaflets or a guide, you can find out much about this area’s natural and cultural wealth.


Interpretive nature trail of Divača Karst

Laid out along the southern fringes of Divača is the karstological interpretive nature trail of Divaški Kras, which takes the visitor for just under 5 kilometres through a presentation of numerous karstic phenomena, highlights including the imposing Risnik sinkhole, created through the collapse of the ceiling over a former subterranean cavern.


Trail of water treasures

  Water Route runs along the outskirts of the Škocjan Caves Park.



Lifestock and wildlife trail

The path was formed by the revitalization of derelict ponds, which were used for watering cattle, but today, they host a wide range of water plants and small animals. The circular route is 7 km long and it is marked. The start and finish are at the pond in Famlje.


The Magajna trail

The trail was formed in the memory of the writer and psychiatrist dr. Bogomir Magajna from Gornje Vreme and runs through Vreme Valley. The route is circular (about 4 hours walk), the start and finish is at the sports center Vreme in Famlje.


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